Sunday, 8 December 2013

Post 5: RFID-Library Software

Today I want to present you a Library (a real library.... something with real books out of paper and so on. ;) ) Software. This was a project I've done for the chair and the people I'm working in respectively working with.

I expanded the Database that was already there. The data are on a MS SQL Server 2008. I wrote the core features of this Software (lending, returning, searching, view account), installed the Hardware and also made the design of the Software. On top of that I had ideas about additional features like live-search, lean search. These features weren't implemented by me but a very good Computer Science Student of mine. Kudos to him! :)

With this software you can lend and return books. You can also search for books and view your own account of books you already lend. The Software is connected to an RFID-Reader, in order to detect lend or returned books. The Software is completely written in C#. The RFID-Reader is from the firm "Feig". We used an UHF-RFID-Reader for Europe (868 MHz).

It works pretty straightforward: Books are attached with an RFID-Tag. Each Tag has an ID. On a database the book's information and the Tag-ID are connected. The reader detects the tag and displays the book's information on the Touchscreen.

Here's a video that demonstrates how it works (sorry for the poor quality. After editing most of the awesme HD 3D effects have gone....):