Thursday, 7 January 2016

Post 37: Vietnamese pronoun app

Vietnames pronoun app

This post is about an app that "calculates" the appropriate Vietnamese pronoun (or a person's family title). What may be simple in other languages like English, it's not as straightforward in Vietnamese. Vietnamese pronouns are heavily dependent on context of the conversation, your age and the age of the person you're referring to, your and the other person's social status, your relationship towards each other, and also your feelings toward the person you're talking to.

Especially for beginners but also intermediate learners, these concepts are hard to grasp. Sometimes even advanced learners still make mistakes when using Vietnamese pronouns.

Explanations in other sources only cover the most basic Vietnamese pronoun concepts but exlude more complex concepts e.g. how to correctly address close friends or family members.

This app will help you finding the correct pronoun in every situation. (However in this app I'll exclude insults and colloquial language.) To be specific, the situations I want to cover are:
- how to correctly address family members, e.g. mother-in-law, aunts, cousin, etc.
- How to correctly address friends and aquaintances, e.g. girlfriend, boss, colleagues, etc.
- how to correctly address people you met for the first time, e.g. vendors in the street or any other people from all ages you just met.

How the app is structured:
The app has three tabs: "Start", "Help", and "About" (see the image below).

In the "start" tab you'll see different buttons. Click on the button that applies to the person you want to address and the app will guide you to the correct pronoun for that person but also for yourself.

For example you want to address your mother-in-law in Vietnamese, then you first click on "start", then select "family member.

After that you get to the view "family". Here you want to select "parents".

After that "mother-in-law".

At the end you'll see the correct pronoun, an explanation (and in certain cases also additional information or exceptions when to use that pronoun) and also the correct pronoun for yourself. In this example the app will tell you that "Mẹ" is the correct pronun when you want to address her and "con" is the correct pronoun for you when you want to address yourself in a conversation with her.

You can download the app for FREE here on Google Play: Vietnamese Pronouns

This is a NON-PROFIT project that I do in my spare time alone and it's done in order to help learners with the Vietnamese language.

Another app I made for learning Vietnamese is this one: North and South Vietnamese dialect app

If you want to support this project, please share and rate highly on Google Play Store and on this blog. Your support would be much appreciated. Let me in the comment below what you think. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.