Friday, 1 November 2013

Post 0: At the outset

Who am I?

My name is T. I was born in Hanoi / Vietnam. Currently I am a Ph.D. student at the TU-Munich at the Mechanical Engineering faculty in Germany. I want to become a Software Engineer (SE) and work for a good Software company - albeit I don’t have a Computer Science background at all.

Why Software Engineer?

As counterproductive as it sounds, being a SE isn’t my ultimate goal, but being involved in programming is. Because programming resonates best with my very nature: I’ve got plenty of weird, funny and useful ideas that are waiting to become reality. Programming skills and technical savvy will help me to realize my ideas. So yeah, I’m doing it for selfish reasons. :P.

Why this public “diary”?

I created this diary to show my enthusiasm for the act of programming but also to make a point that if you put everything of yourself into one goal, then you can reach it; even though you don’t have the best prerequisites at the outset -  like me.

As I said in the very beginning, I don’t have a CS background. Everything I know about programming is self-taught. So, in the following weeks and month I’ll work hard to gain the needed knowledge in CS, in order to get a job at a software comany. The gained knowledge I’ll present here.

Are you crazy, man?!?

Maybe. This video gives me hope though, that it is possible to gain massive knowledge within a very short time. It tells you that learning something for 20 hours, that’s 40 minutes a day for one month, is sufficient to become good at something.

So, each day I'll study for 40 minutes and at the end of the week, I’ll create my own little project and present them here, in order to:
  • Use it as reference material for my job application
  • Track my progress
  • Be an inspiration for others
  •  …. Or as a bad example of how not to do it, if I don’t get accepted for that matter…..-.-
In the following post (here) I’ll show you what topics I want to cover.

See you.