Sunday, 2 March 2014

Post 17: Quiz App - What kind of Asian are you?

Today I just build a Personality Quiz App. The app is called "What kind of Asian are you?".

I wrote this description to this App:

You may know what ethnicity you belong to. But maybe there's also a little bit of Asia in you? Find out with this Quiz whether you are Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese.

Disclaimer: I'm an Asian myself and created this Quiz. This Quiz is just for entertaiment only and not to be taken seriously. :-)

I hope you'll have fun. Yours truly T

How to "Play"

The Quiz consists of 6 simple questions. Each of them has to be answered with either "Yes" or "No".

According to the given answers you'll get a result what Asian ethnicity (Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese) you most resmble.

How to setup Android System


Since I couldn't upload it on Google Play I uploaded on Opera Mobile Store instead. Unfortunately, there are some hurdles to overcome, because installing an App you downloaded on Opera Mobile Store isn't as straightforward as in Google Play.

First you have to go to "Settings". You have to find and press these buttons:


After that you have to search for the option "Developer option".


Press it and you will see the screen below. On the right hand side you active the checkbox where it says "USB debugging".


Then you'll get a pop up message. Of course you press the "ok" button:

How to install


Now you can install the app. First follow this link:

Opera Mobile Store


After that you click on download. Then a warning message will probably pop up. It will ask you something like "Do you really want to install this?". Like the last time you press "ok":


Then press the "download" button right next to the App's thumbnail:


The installation process will start. After that click on the downloaded file.


Again a pop up windows will appear and ask you whether you really want to install it - of course you do. -.-


After the installation is finished the system asks you how to proceed. In order to run the App, please press the "Open" button.


Have fun! ;-)

If you encounter any problems or have an improve suggestions to make, then please let me know. Bye, till next time.