Saturday, 15 March 2014

Post 19: Vietnamese dialects App (follow up post)

This post is a follow up post to this post I made earlier.

Vietnam consists of different regional parts where each of them have their distinct dialect.


However, the two commonly known Vietnamese dialects are the Southern (the bluish area) and the Northern (the redish area) dialect. They differ not only in pronounciation but also in spelling.

This app can help you to learn how to speak, listen and spell Vietnamese words in the Northern and Southern dialect.

How to use it

It's pretty much straight forward: In the middle of the screen you'll se a picture with the English word describing it above. Below the picture there a two buttons left and right. Click on these buttons respectively and you'll see and hear how the Northern (left button) and Southern (right button) words are spelled resp. pronounced.

Swipe the screen and you'll get to the next word. Overall there are over 70 words contained.

You can download it here:

at Google Play Store:

at Opera Mobile Store:

If you don't know how to install it, check out my previous post about how to setup your Android device. Download it now as long as it is add-free. Hope you'll have fun and learn a lot. :-)

If you've downloaded it, tell me what you think about this app. Any improvement-suggestions (more words, misspelled words, etc.) are welcomed. Bye, till next time!